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I'm Chris. I'm in Chennai, India. I have many years professional experience in creating web applications. I'm an aws certified developer and currently working on getting google data engineer certified. After completing my engineering degree, I started with perl cgi and then moved onto PHP, Javascripts, jquery. I'm well versed in a number of PHP frameworks such as cakePHP, Laravel, Codeigniter etc. I am experienced in javascript frameworks like jQuery, Angularjs. Do go through some of my online certifications below.
High IT aptitude professional certificate.
High IT aptitude professional Developer Programmer
Linux Administrator certificate.
Linux Administrator
Perl Developer certificate.
Perl Developer Programmer
Web developer certificate.
Web Programmer Developer
Advanced perl programmer certificate.
Advanced perl programmer developer
Certified perl programming language master.
Front end developer certificate.
Front end developer programmer

I can take up linux and windows system administration tasks too. I make it a habit to respond to emails almost immediately if I'm online. I'm usually online from 9AM to 9PM IST with short breaks in between. I take up projects and divide them into smaller milestones for better manageability and progress tracking. I quote fixed prices and estimate completion dates on the items. I usually work in my OWN server. I work using Nodejs, Reactjs, Django, python, Ruby on Rails etc in my projects.

Can take programming and devops work. Here are the customary links to my Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and of course my linkedin profile. I've been a freelance programmer/Developer for many years now and I know the value and importance of updating your knowledge from time to time. I can start working from scratch or can customize an existing project. Once you send me the detailed list of items to be completed, I provide an item wise breakup of cost and time. For new projects I always suggest modifying existing open source projects to keep costs low. I can integrate pre existing html/css templates into open source scripts. I'm quite adept at creating perl regular expressions. I can create regexps to extract and spider data from websites. I can also extract information from large log files. I can create efficient complex sql queries. Can integrate mobile frontend with server backend.