Freelance AWS certified developer associate | Freelance django python developer | Freelance PHP laravel nodejs programmer

This page contains my programming portfolio. So let's get more technical shall we. I can take up both existing as well as new projects. I can take up laravel, cakephp, Moodle, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and Opencart projects. I can also work on nodejs, RoR, python(Django), Angularjs and Reactjs code.

During my tenure as a freelance developer for the past 17 years, I have worked in the following roles for different software projects.
Moodle Developer Geodesic geocore auctions Programmer Freelance Zencart Developer Magento Programmer Freelance Facebook Developer jQuery Javascript Developer Programmer Moodle Programmer Geodesic geocore classifieds Developer Freelance Moodle Developer Joomla Developer Programmer Wordpress Developer Drupal Developer Infusionsoft API developer Opencart Developer Programmer Payment gateway integration developer Commercial PHP programmer Online sign creator | Custom image customization developer Freelance classic ASP developer programmer

AWS devops, Google cloud devops, AZURE devlops.
Freelance Redshift Developer/Programmer.
  • ETL using aws redshift, amazon glue etc.
  • Please click here to know more details about the Redshift developer.
AWS ETL developer.
Connecting AWS glue with redshift.
A complex financial reporting system using php laravel framework done by freelance laravel programmer.
  • Here is the list of laravel programming projects done by me. Please contact me if you want me to customize existing php laravel framework projects or create a new one from scratch.
Custom ms access 2007 vba programming. Freelance vb programmer.
  • Visual Basic for Access(VBA) script was written to create a custom ms access form button which deletes specific rows of data.
  • VBA script was written to create a custom ms access form button which creates additional custom column fields in existing ms access database based on specific algorithm by me (ms access developer programmer)
PHP MYSQL CMS - content management system.
  • Unlimited Categories and sub categories tree level was done. Nested categories/ sub categories.
  • Php Integration with flash actionscripting and xml was done.
  • Fckeditor WYSIWYG editor was integrated maintaining the content of the actual dynamic pages.
  • File uploading is also allowed and dynamic image resizing was also included in this php CMS project.
Customizations and modifications to Dynamo real estate php listings script.
  • Complex custom php programming and modifications were done to the dynamo DYNAmic MOdule real estate listings script.
  • A custom Image resizing function using PHP GD was done.
  • The Custom fields addition to the listings function was streamlined.
  • Javascript modifications were done to display the image mouseovers properly.
An Assessment Php Survey Website. Done by freelance php developer.
  • Users can buy an assessment survey by paying through paypal.
  • Paypal IPN integration was done.
  • Users once they are logged in, can answer a series of about 25 to 30 questions divided into 5 to 6 categories.
  • After the user completes the survey questions, the overall score of the user is generated using mysql queries.
  • From the php admin panel dashboard, the super user can download reports in CSV and Excel (xls) format.
Php CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework CI modification project. Freelance CodeIgniter developer.
  • CodeIgniter framework scripts and templates were modified.
  • New sections were added.
  • New codeigniter forms were created.
Shell scripts customizations for iredmail by freelance developer.
Live xml csv product feed integration created by xml feed programmer. API integration.
Google calendar API version 3 integration.
Moodle Totara LMS development. Totara Developer.
Anti spam protection installation.
  • The public key was installed in the html form page using javascript.
  • The private key was embedded in the perl cgi script file.
Custom modifications to Moodle LMS Scripts.
  • Moodle custom programming. Please click here.
Custom complex modifications to Magento ecommerce php scripts. Done by Magento programmer.
  • Magento by default contains only two price types namely fixed and percent.
  • Added a 3rd new magento price type which will add only a set amount to the entire shopping cart and this magento price-type does not depend on quantity.
  • At the product detail page when the new magento price type is chosen, the price will NOT update and add the price. Instead the one time charge is added at checkout near the subtotal.
Php Paypal Website Payments Pro Integration. Php Paypal Payflow API integration..
  • A paypal invoicing database system was created.
  • The customer is emailed a secure link using which the user can pay for an item using phpmailer.
  • Rigorous paypal sandbox testing was done , before taking the payment page live.
  • Seamless integration was done using paypal pro Directpayment method and express checkout, so that the customer does not leave your website at all.
  • Name value pairs paypal NVP was used securely.
A custom shipping module for Oxid Esales Shopping cart script. Freelance nodejs developer.
  • A custom shipping module for the Oxid eShop php script ( ).
  • This custom oxid esales php module calculates delivery costs based on kilogram weight prices multiplied with the total weight of all products ordered.
Php facebook open graph og api integration project. Freelance django programmer.
  • Facebook open graph access code was requested.
  • Facebook Access token was also requested.
  • Facebook api publish_stream access permissions were needed.
  • Php Facebook api offline_access permissions were also needed.
  • Facebook open graph protocol was used to automatically post to facebook wall and also create automatic status updates.
Customized scrapy python web crawler.
  • I have worked in scrapy webspider projects as freelance python developer.
  • Please click here to know more details about the web crawling project.
Reactjs developer.
  • Live stock symbols calculations using reactjs.
  • Please click here to know more details about the reactjs developer.
Modifications to the geodesic geocore classifieds script.
Oscommerce custom programming.
Spidering and extracting data from a travel/hotel reviews website. Freelance python developer.
  • A complex php spider script was created using php CURL and preg_replace preg_match php functions which will spider travel reviews websites like tripadvisor, laterooms etc and using complex preg match patterns will retrieve only the data required.
  • Even the travel ratings under each sub headings were spidered and extracted. The travel ratings were in the form of image graphs/ratings images.
Simple Php Mysql Shipment/invoice/order tracking system.
  • Admin dashboard functions contains ability for admin to add/edit/delete shipment or invoice details.
  • It also contains a facility where admin can search and browse the mysql database for shipments and orders using php forms.
  • On the user side, the user can enter a shipment number or invoice tracking number and get the latest information about the shipment.
Forms database Mysql search engine project.
  • Php Paypal IPN API automatic integration was done.
  • User can signup, login, User registration fields. User data stored in database.
  • Admin can manage user data. Admin can add/edit/delete data.
  • Automatic search engine submission urls were done.
Mozilla firefox addon extension plugin creation. Done by freelance javascript programmer.
  • XUL javascripts were used to create this addon. Javascript programming.
  • This firefox extension has the Ability to Upload any files automatically.
  • This firefox addon works when a normal HTML form with upload button is opened.
  • This addon creates a custom button in the TOOLS menu of firefox.
Conversion of PHP4 script to PHP5 environment.
  • Various customizations were done to this php4 invoice script.
  • Form input validation and form input sanitation routines were created.
  • This php invoice's script dependence on GLOBAL variables was removed.
  • Conversion to php 7 enviroment can be done too.
Perl spider web crawler for price comparison website. Programmed by freelance perl developer.
  • An optimized perl web spider crawler was created using perl mechanize.
  • Perl regexps, Regular expressions were used to retrieve data from websites.
  • The price of different products were spidered and saved in a database. Price from different websites were compared for this perl price comparison script.
Custom modifications on an complex asp customer management system. By freelance php programmer.
  • Integration with paypal IPN payment system and paypal API
  • Clients can post new vacancies based on their jobs quota.
  • Database Search was improved so that vacancies results appear fast from the database.
  • New company registration and login asp forms pages were added.
  • Changes to the resume asp upload section.
Mail Merge programmer.
Freelance vTiger CRM customizations.
Postfix phpmailer and dkim and spf installation.
  • This page contains more details about the project.
Modifications to the asp aceproject project management software. Freelance classic asp programmer.
  • Complex workflow modifications were done to this excellent asp aceproject script.
  • I custom developed an asp function to import external assignment data in CSV format.
  • Asp function to auto populate sales person data based on company chosen.
  • Creation and development of of PDF invoices using asp and webgoo websupergoo abcpdf.
Custom modifications to the nicecoder indexu php scripts.
  • Complicated modifications were done to the indexu php script.
Vtiger custom tab addition.
  • Custom programming was done to vTiger crm. A new tab was added in the Vtiger Contacts page.
Google gmap API integration with Drupal. Programmed by freelance drupal programmer.
  • Setting up and creation of the gmap.ini file for google maps API was done.
  • Map markers and taxonomy terms in drupal were setup correctly. Custom drupal development.
  • Renaming of the map icon images were done accurately according to the gmap.ini file requirements was done by me working as a drupal developer programmer.
Spidering Countries, State, Cities data. Importing xml feeds into database.
  • Category Tree wise spidering and retrieval of web data was done.
  • Excellent concise regexp was used to retrieve data efficiently.
  • New updated Data will be spidered/scraped on a continuous basis.
  • This web scraping project was done using php and mysql.
An online car rental booking system script. Freelance django programmer.
  • A customer can book a car for travelling from designated Cities. The customer has to choose the FROM and TO location and specify how many passengers, boarding point, any extra luggage etc.
  • The customer then finally pays for his booking using paypal automatically.
  • The order is passed on to the appropriate car rental agency.
  • The php Admin panel dashboard contains provision for adding and maintaining the car rental agencies.
DMS - Creating a php document management system.
  • Document Management system using php mysql and ajax.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete document index terms from dashboard.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete document categories.
  • Basic search and advanced search. Complex sql queries wre created.
  • Document can be edited using a web based WYSIWYG editor.
  1. I have good experience in programming and developing using perl, php, mysql, Visual basic, asp etc. I can modify existing php mysql scripts or create new scripts from scratch. I can take up java projects also. I can customize ellislab expression engine. Working as a moodle customization freelancer/moodle developer programmer I have completed many projects. Here in this website I have listed my most recent asp php projects to date.
  2. I can create custom joomla components and modules. I have done many custom modifications and programming changes to the geodesic geocore geoclassifieds classifieds and auctions php script. You can click above to find the list of geodesic geocore classifieds customization projects and some of my later geodesic geocore classifieds auction projects that I have completed. Do contact me if you want me as a freelancer / developer programmer to customize your geodesic geocore classified auctions script.
  3. I can take up freelance zencart projects. I can custom program moodle, oscommerce, drupal, wordpress modules, Open-Realty. I can custom program magento extensions and addons too and also can modify magento core scripts also if needed. I can create custom vtiger modules and custom tabs. Magento and facebook api integration was done.
  4. I can integrate livechatinc livechat api. I'm also a jquery ajax developer programmer. Customization and custom modules for Oxid eShop were done. I can do custom programming modifications to prestashop and aceshop. I can take up customization of zotero and integration with zotero web api using http and json. Can create and customize google apps javascripts.
  5. I'm a freelance php developer programmer and I have good experience in creating and customizing classic asp scripts too. I am adept at Mysql as well as MS SQL databases and Ms Access. I can create complicated SQL queries and stored procedures. I can customize joomla. I can create/develop addons extensions for mozilla firefox. I have listed above some of the most recent programming projects that I have completed in the capacity as a freelance joomla developer programmer/freelance developer programmer.
  6. I can customize wordpress and also customize drupal modules. I have worked on wordpress ecommerce plugins, woocommerce and drupal ubercart modules. I have worked using php xml-rpc and infusionsoft API. Pleas see above for list of Modifications to the opencart php shopping cart software.
  7. I have integrated php with facebook api. I can create perl and php spiders and web crawlers for price comparison websites. I have worked with payment gateways and have integrated with credit card payment gateways like ING Ideal and Ideal Advanced payment gateway, paypal IPN, Paypal Pro, Paypal Adaptive payments api, Paypal pay api, paypal parallel payments, 2checkout api,, Commercegate etc.
  8. I have good experience in using CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework. In addition to the above I have started working on customizing commercial php scripts and applications too. I have worked on API integration.