Opencart freelancer | Freelance opencart developer programmer

I'm a freelance opencart developer and can take up opencart customization projects. I can work in the latest opencart versions. I can create custom opencart modules.

As an opencart developer and programmer here are some of projects I had completed.

Integration of opencart and opentshirts module.
  • The present opencart installation was upgraded to version.
  • The opencart opentshirts module was downloaded and installed by me as an opencart developer.
  • Opencart Freelancer
  • The Opentshirts cliparts and fonts were uploaded.
  • Some changes and customization were done to the opentshirts and opencart scripts.
Modifications to the php opencart shopping cart software by an opencart programmer.
  • The opencart Discount feature was modified to have a price value also.
  • I added the Ability to create random coupon numbers using php random function.
  • Opencart script was custom modified so that it can be used for selling prepaid phone cards.
  • Opencart Registration fields were changed and custom fields were programmed.
Custom opencart programming done by opencart programmer.
  • The opencart manufacturer pull down menu was changed to a bulleted list of brands.
  • When one clicks on one of the brands/manufacturer links It takes you to a list of categories instead of a list of products from that brand in which products from that brand exist.
  • When some one clicks on one of the opencart categories they see a list of products in that category but from that manufacturer/brand only.
  • SEO was done for opencart manufacturers.
Opencart VAT exemption module
  • This opencart installation contained a custom opencart theme called shoppica by themeforest.
  • A custom VAT exemption module was created for both the guest users as well as registered logged in opencart users.
  • Opencart Module programmer and developer
  • Special additional order fields were created in opencart.
  • When opencart products are displayed in categories or featured or latest sections they will now be ordered by price by default..
Opencart and facebook integration.
  • Facebook api was integrated with opencart.
  • Automatically post opencart products to facebook feed pages.
  • Can keep track of facebook likes etc.

As a freelance opencart programmer I have completed many opencart projects.