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I'm a moodle freelancer. I specialize in expert LMS and VLE module programming using php mysql. I do freelance moodle programming. I can customize moodle modules and plugins. Moodle developer programmer.

Here is the list of Moodle modules plugins VLE and LMS customizations projects completed by me working as moodle freelance programmer.
The word moodle is copyrighted and owned by The word "Moodle" and the Moodle logo are legally protected trademarks. Please read moodle license for more information.

Modifications to Moodle Quiz mod plugin.
  • Can edit all Moodle quizzes in a single page.
  • jQuery was used in moodle.
  • Moodle Freelancer
  • In a single page the start time and end time of multiple quizzes can be edited.
  • This moodle quiz module mod was developed by me.
  • An advanced custom moodle block was created.
Modifications to Moodle scripts by moodle freelance programmer.
  • Customization of the site wide report moodle certificate companion.
  • Added excel and text file download functions to the moodle certificate companion namely the site-wide report.
  • Installed the certificate module and configured it to use a pdf watermark image.
  • The moodle certificate scripts were changed to print on the vacant portions of the pdf watermark background image certificate.
Moodle user listing functions and Scripts Modifications programmer.
  • Customization of the fields listed under participants for a course.
  • The course participants list table headers were changed so that phone number and verification status were added.
  • Clickatell SMS API gateway integration was done.
  • Clickatell HTTP API was integrated. The moodle teacher role once logged can view the list of participants and in turn send SMS mobile confirmation to one or many of the participants.
Moodle certification plugin module customization programmer.
  • A new checkbox was added in the Moodle certificate settings page.
  • The Moodle course teacher can allow or disallow a custom moodle certificate field to show up or not show up in the candidate's moodle pdf certificate.
New moodle assignment type creation programmatically.
  • A new assignment type was added to moodle.
  • This new moodle assignment type consisted of 5 questions.
  • Moodle plugin programmer
  • Each of the 5 assignment questions can contain text, audio or video uploaded files.
  • The moodle assignment questions will be displayed in a horizontal manner and not one below the other.
Moodle course manager approval. Moodle workflow modification.
  • The Moodle resources/activities uploaded by the teacher should get an approval from the course's manager to be seen by the students.
  • So, when a teacher uploads a resource/activity, it will be hidden by the system until it is approved by the course manager.
  • This approval function is only allowed for the Moodle course manager role.
As a moodle plugin programmer I have customized moodle right from the old version to the latest version.