Freelance powerBI Developer | Freelance power BI Programmer | DAX developer

power BI Integration developer. powerBI programmer. Advanced powerBI programmer.

Can take up custom powerBI programming. Can integrate powerBI insights with your data.

Business intelligence and analytics developer in Microsoft Power BI.
  • Embed and integrate interactive complex power BI data visualizations of your Data.
  • Using power BI visualize your data in a way which is useful for gaining valuable insights.
  • As a power BI developer, I can integrate powerBI sdk with a variety of software applications.
  • powerBI REST API programming and integration.
  • Import data into power BI dataset automatically programatically.
  • Automate powerBI tasks and processes.
  • Using AZURE and powerBI
  • Automate powerBI embedded processes and AZURE auto scaling and other processes.
  • Integrate powerBI visualizations with jQuery and other javascript libraries.
  • Show and embed power BI analytics in your website or android or ios app.
  • Adhoc power BI report creation and powerBI development.
  • I'm a solid Data Analysis Expressions DAX coder
  • Can create advanced functionality using DAX programming coding.
  • Using DAX table functions, DAX filtering functions very complex query can be used.

I'm a Freelance power BI developer and can take up powerBI programming projects. Can create custom powerBI reports.