Geoclassifieds geocore auctions freelance developer

I'm a php geocore classifieds script developer and can customize geodesic geocore classifieds and auctions.

As a geodesic geocore developer I have completed the following list of geodesic geocore classifieds, Geoauctions customizations projects.

Addon Shipping address in geodesic geocore storefront.
  • Appropriate geocore classifieds category was shown based on user's location.
  • The category or listing navigated in geodesic classifieds is saved, so when the user revisits the website the user will be taken to a saved url.
Custom advanced search fields for geodesic auctions script done by geocore software deevloper.
  • Geocore Custom advanced search form was created.
  • Custom search fields for geodesic geocore classifieds..
Complicated Custom modifications to Geocore classifieds auctions php script done by geocore software developer.
  • Geodesic geocore Single page listing submission. Ad submission from single page.
  • Geocore Multiple page ad listing submission process reduced to just a single page using jQuery Ajax in the submission process.
  • Convert geoCore to Olx.

I am a freelance geocore software developer and I can customize geodesic geocore scripts.