Freelance Joomla Developer Programmer | Joomla components developer

I'm a freelance joomla developer. I can take up joomla customizations. I can create joomla modules and plugins or customize existing joomla plugins / components.

Here is the list of Joomla customizations projects completed by me. I can take up joomla projects as a freelance joomla programmer.

Modifications to joomla PCChess component Scripts.
  • Modified and added jquery and ajax to the joomla PCChess component so that the chess moves can occur in live real time mode.
  • Joomla PCchess component Chess players can choose whether to play the game live or through email.
Modifications to joomla learning management system JoomlaLMS. Joomla lms customization. Done by freelance joomla developer.
  • Test results flow was changed in the joomlaLMS.
  • Users were allowed to retake their tests in the joomlaLMS.
  • Integration of paypal pro with JoomlaLMS.
Joomla wish list component | Modifications to youtheme zootheme zoo joomla component.
  • A complex wish list element was added to the joomla youtheme zoo theme component.
  • This custom element can be added to any product and the list of the wishlist will be sent to the joomla admin.
Modifications to hitexam Joomla component done by freelance joomla programmer.
  • The scoring process of this joomla hitexam component was custom programmed and changed.
  • The results calculation of this joomla online examination/test component was modified by me working as a joomla freelance developer programmer.

I'm a freelance joomla developer and can customize joomla.