Freelance Nodejs jquery angularjs javascripts developer programmer.

I'm a freelance nodejs angularjs javascripts programmer. I do freelance programming using javascripts jquery ajax. I do jquery ajax programming. I can customize javascript programs. Ajax jquery nodejs developer programmer.

Here is the list of jquery ajax javascripts angularjs projects completed by me as nodejs angularjs javascripts programmer.

Dynamic jquery ajax javascripts price calculation html form.
  • Jquery Ajax caching was made false.
  • Ajax $.get was used to get values dynamically from the php script.
  • Form change function was used to trigger a custom javascript function whenever the html form selection or input changes.
  • Complex javascript arithmetic calculations were done to calculate the final price dynamically.
  • Jquery TEXTAREA character automatic counting was done.
Javascript jquery date picker integrated and customized by nodejs angularjs javascripts programmer.
  • Jquery date-picker module was used. Only Fridays were allowed to be displayed in the Jquery calendar.
  • End date was automatically calculated using javascript date functions.
Dynamic jquery ajax javascripts date calculations and timestamp calculation done by nodejs angularjs javascripts programmer.
  • Complex jQuery date and jQuery timestamp calculations were done.
  • jQuery was integrated completely without errors in latest moodle version.
  • jQuery click, toggle functions etc were efficiently used.

I'm a nodejs angularjs javascripts programmer and can take up javascripts projects.