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I specialize in expert CMS. LMS and VLE module programming using php mysql. I do freelance programming. I can customize moodle. Moodle developer programmer.

List of moodle customizations. Here is the list of VLE and LMS customizations projects completed by me.
(The word "Moodle" and the Moodle logo are legally protected trademarks. Please read moodle license for more information.)

Custom modifications to moodle done by freelance moodle programmer.
  • Custom profile fields in moodle user self registration form, were added.
  • Default profile fields in moodle user registration such as email, first name, city etc were edited.
  • And most importantly new custom user profile fields were added and were ordered in a specific way.
  • Moodle Programming: The custom date profile field was added and also date validation was done in moodleform class api.
Custom modifications to certificate module of Moodle done by freelance moodle programmer.
  • Moodle certificate module customization.
  • Certificate module was modified to use custom numbering system for its certificate numbering.
  • Further more it was programmed such a way that only some courses based on course id, will use this new certificate numbering system.
Customizations to moodle My courses block done by freelance moodle programmer.
  • Normally the My course moodle block will show all the enrolled courses of the logged in user.
  • The moodle code was modified and custom programming was done so that only the top 5 courses, ordered by the date of enrollment of the user is shown.
Custom modifications to Moodle certificate report download done by freelance moodle programmer.
  • Moodle Certificate plugin / module's reporting function was modified to include more fields.
  • So now when the excel xls report is downloaded from the Moodle myCourse->Certificates->Report the report will contain many more custom fields/columns.
Custom external users and certificates import script for moodle.
  • A standalone php mysql script was created, which can import external users and external certificates into the moodle database system.
  • All user data and history are imported into Moodle
  • Moodle user's certificate history, course completed history are imported correctly including course start date, course finished date etc.
Moodle reports customization.
  • Another new custom moodle report was created in addition to the userprogress report and the login report.
  • This new Moodle user report was created to accommodate a few custom fields like certificate date and certificate status.
  • Complicated SQL queries were used to separate these three custom Moodle reports.
Moodle GIFT format files creation.
  • Moodle question bank can import questions if they are in GIFT format.
  • This project was for converting questions and answers present in ms access .mdb file to the moodle GIFT format.
  • Once an .mdb file is uploaded and the php conversion script is run, the GIFT format text file can be downloaded.
Moodle course list display customization.
  • Another new custom category was added to the moodle course list.
Moodle custom profile fields.
  • Custom profile fields were created in the moodle user registration form.
  • The extra custom profile fields were shown in the moodle administration certificates reports.
  • The custom moodle profile fields were shown in the individual moodle certificates too.
  • This project was done in my capacity as a moodle freelance developer programmer.

I'm a freelance moodle programmer and can take up moodle projects.