Moodle Developer | Moodle freelancer.

I'm a freelance moodle developer and can take up moodle customization projects.

List of moodle LMS customizations done by me.
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Importing into moodle. Moodle import done by freelance moodle developer.
  • Import all user data into moodle from an external database. Moodle users import.
  • Importing all forums into moodle from an external website.
  • Import assignments into moodle from a legacy system. Moodle assigments import.
  • Importing teachers from other website into moodle.
  • Importing activities into moodle.
Moodle custom sql. Custom moodle certificate reports programmed by freelance moodle developer.
  • Include custom user profile fields in the moodle certificate reports.
  • The custom moodle report can be downloaded in excel xls or csv format.
  • Moodle enrolled users report who have NOT yet completed a course.
  • Moodle Report of students who have passed a course.

I'm a freelance moodle developer and can take custom moodle plugin programming.