Payment gateway API integration developer programmer.

Credit card payment gateways integration. I can integrate shopping cart scripts with a variety of payment gateways.

As a payment gateway developer I list some of my payment gateway api integration projects below.

Paytap gotapnow API integration. .
  • Paytap ( payment gateway api integration
  • Paytap kuwait enables you to pay using any smartphone.
  • Paytap paymentrequest soap request is sent first.
  • The response contains Tappay url and reference number. Paytap developer.
  • Again the gotapnow live url is called using reference number.
  • GetOrderStatusRequest and GetOrderStatusRequestbyMerchantid methods are used to verify the payment transaction.
Dutch Mollie Api payment gateway integration.
  • ( Mollie Payment gateway integration
  • Integrated Mollie API using php. Mollie API developer.
  • Created a Mollie payment request using amount, description, webhook, metadata etc.
  • Mollie payment webhook php script was created. This webhook script is automatically called by Mollie.
  • iDeal payment gateway was integrated using Mollie API.
Kenya Pesapal Api payment gateway integration developer programmer.
  • Can integrate kenya pesapal payment gateway into your web scripts
  • Pesapal IPN notification script was created.
  • Pesapal API was integrated by me working as a pesapal programmer.
Paypal chained payments gateway integration.
2checkout API integration developer.
  • Can integrate with 2checkout affiliate scripts.
  • Create 2checkout api token using 2co.js.
  • Testing the 2checkout integration using 2checkout sandbox.
  • Use the Authorization Response Object.
PayU Latam Payulatam payment gateway API integration developer.
  • Integration of payulatam payment gateway API with php scripts.
  • Sending the php CURL XML http post to payulatam SSL gateway url.
  • Creating the transaction.deviceSessionId and passing it to Payulatam
  • Creating the transaction.order.signature and passing it to Payulatam.
  • Processing the XML response from PayU Latam Payulatam to find out whether credit card has been declined or accepted.

I'm a payment gateway api integration programmer and can take up payment gateway api integration projects.