Freelance wordpress developer programmer

I'm a wordpress developer. I specialize in expert wordpress plugin module programming using php mysql. I do freelance programming. I can customize wordpress and create wordpress plugins.

Wordpress custom developer programmer Here is the list of wordpress customizations projects and wordpress plugins completed by me.

Custom modifications to wordpress ecommerce plugin. Woocommerce plugin programmer.
  • The wordpress ecommerce plugin is an excellent shopping cart plugin for wordpress.
  • When an admin adds product variations to a wordpress item, the list of prices is endlessly long. Programmed by wordpress developer.
  • Wordpress Freelancer
  • My jquery modifications to wordpress makes this adding a variation to product less cumbersome and less lengthy.
  • This change was directly done to the php and jquery files present in wordpress and the ecommerce plugin. Developed by wordpress developer.
Wordpress plugin developer. Wordpress escrow plugin script. By wordpress developer.
  • The wordpress escrow plugin is an excellent plugin for escrow transactions.
  • Using the Wordpress escrow plugin an escrow transaction can be started.
  • An escrow transaction can be notified to the other party(buyer or seller). Programmed by wordpress developer.
  • An email notification is sent for each stage of each escrow transaction in this escrow wordpress plugin.
Customization and integration of wordpress theme | Wordpress theme plugin developer.
  • A new WP theme was created modified and integrated. Wordpress CSS was modified.
  • Programming changes to this Wordpress theme was done. By wordpress developer.
  • Wordpress CSS changes were done to the default WP style.
Wordpress Gift card and Wordpress Woocommerce Coupon plugin. Wordpress developer.
  • A ecommerce wordpress gift card system was created.
  • The wordpress gift card value can be purchased and gifted.
  • Wordpress woocommerce Freelancer
  • The value of the gift card can be redeemed at the wordpress shopping cart checkout.

I'm a wordpress developer and woocommerce developer.